B&N Properties – Property Management

B&N Properties – Property Management

Meet B&N Properties

Climb into a hammock and put an umbrella in your drink because that magical place is B&N Properties and that magical time is now.
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Managing Rental Assets is All We Do, 24/7

B&N Properties don’t sell real estate so we don’t get our priorities mixed up. We’re solely focused on you and improving the return on your real estate assets.
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  • Focused, driven – Proven, cost-effective property management
  • Experienced, committed – Over 15 years experience managing residential properties – including their own properties
  • Proactive – No such thing as “office hours” when it comes to maintenance problem-solving

B&N Properties Improves Your Return On Investment

Better ROI combined with freedom from worry – it’s what we do at B&N Properties.
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  • We get you the best rent possible for your property.
  • We have zero tolerance for rent in arrears.
  • We protect your property from damage.
  • We improve returns on your real estate assets.
  • We reduce ongoing and one-off maintenance costs.

You Benefit From Our Passion

B&N Properties is head and shoulders above the competition because we love what we do. Here’s what that means for you.

  • Less worry – Property management is all we do. We don’t sell real estate which means we can devote 100% of our focus on managing your assets.
  • Improved returns – Our property managers are paid on commission which means they are personally motivated to maximize your investment.
  • Better protection – Our detailed ingoing inspection reports take 4 to 7 hours to complete! They provide ample evidence for Tribunals and Insurance claims.
  • Personalized attention – We never have more than 80 properties assigned to each of our property managers. We make sure your property gets the detailed attention it deserves in a timely and efficient manner.

Sounds good? But Wait, There’s More

We’ve hardly scratched the surface of what B&N Properties can do for you. Take a squizz at all the additional benefits we offer to rental property owners:

  • Free consultation and property appraisal
  • Six-month money back guarantee
  • Twice monthly payments, held in our trust account
  • Online access to all documentation, statements, and inspection reports, including digital photography of your property
  • Careful tenant selection with 12+ database checks
  • Property damage prevention through tenant education and preventative maintenance
  • Free advice about how to improve your return
  • Property promotion to reduce vacancies, including video tours and an online booking system
  • Maximized income via ongoing rental market research
  • Representation at the Tenancy Tribunal for no additional costs
  • Lodging bond payments on your behalf
  • Competitive pricing at 8% of the rent + GST

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