Rural Property Inspections

Rural Property Inspections

B&N Properties’ best practices include regular inspections for farm cottages.
To that end, we offer discounted rural cottage inspections to Ruralco members.

We’ll handle the inspections so that you don’t have to worry about possible in-person staff conflicts.

What Do We Look For During a B&N Rural Property Inspection?

  • Damage to the property
  • Signs of illegal activity
  • Cleanliness of the property
  • The functionality of smoke alarms
  • Filter checks for range hoods and heat pumps
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Blockages in gutters and downpipes
  • Door stops

For more information, you can also view our rural cottage handbook.

What’s Included With a B&N Inspection?

  • If there are breaches of the accommodation agreement we will notify you and issue a notice to the occupant.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive post-inspection written report, including photo documentation.
  • We’ll also report back on any required maintenance or suggested preventative measures.
  • If we can repair minor problems while we’re on site, we’ll do it for free.
  • We supply a booklet for the occupants outlining what is expected from them & what the consequences will be if the requirements are not met.

B&N Inspection Fees

  • Routine Inspections: $80.00 + GST for Ruralco members. ($95.00 + GST for non-members.)
  • Initial Inspection, including setup costs & detailed reporting: $150.00 + GST for Ruralco members. ($210.00 + GST for non-members.)
  • Maintenance fee: 5% + GST charged on the cost of repairs, maintenance, or cleaning arranged by us with our highest quality service providers.
  • Mileage: $0.77 p/km (split between all properties inspected that day)

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Rural Property Inspections

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