Management Services

Management Services

At B&N Properties, our focus is on property management – and nothing else. We don’t sell real estate.
And because we specialize in property management, we have deep expertise to draw on.

We’re the best in the business.

What You Get

When you hire B&N Properties to manage your rental properties, you get a full suite of services that adds value and protection to your real estate investment.

  • Fully vetted tenants – In addition to a Veda Advantage credit check we also conduct a Centrix credit check, background checks, results on insolvencies, District Court decisions & Tenancy Tribunal decisions – in fact we check over 12 different databases to ensure you are receiving the best tenant available.
  • Thorough pre-tenancy documentation – Our detailed inspection at the start of every tenancy includes a complete high-definition digital photographic record of your property.
  • Maximized legal protection – Our comprehensive tenancy agreement has been refined over our years of experience, maximizing your protection and minimizing potential problems.
  • Worry-free financial management – We take care of rents and deposits, recovering rent in arrears, negotiations, debt collection, accounts payable, insurance claims, bonds, and we transfer cleared funds to your bank twice-monthly.
  • Best-in-class tenant management – We handle all interactions with the tenant including advertising for new renters, collecting all tenant monies owed or in arrears, and arranging repairs and maintenance. We also provide and maintain a comprehensive Tenant Handbook for renters and regularly adjust rental rates to match the market value of your property.
  • Secure cloud access – We provide you round-the-clock access to all the information you need about your property via secure online access, including photographic documentation, statements, and inspection reports.

Our Policies

  • B&N Properties have a strict zero tolerance policy for property damage and rent arrears.
  • We pledge to be open and honest in all our communications with you, the property owner.
  • While your property is in our hands you can rest assured we take the responsibility for it’s well being very seriously.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with B&N Properties services after 6 months, we’ll give you your money back. That’s how confident we are that you’ll be pleased. None of our competitors dare to offer a guarantee like ours.

Ready to Switch to B&N Properties?

From Existing Property Manager

Transferring your property management to B&N Properties from your existing management company is easy.

  • 1. Download and fill out the Transfer Management Form.
  • 2. Download and fill out the Change of Landlord/Agent Form (if your name is on the bond lodgement) fill in the current management details, the property details you would like us to manage.
  • 3. Sign, scan, and email the forms to us or print and post to:
    • B&N Properties
    • 58 Dorset St
    • Picton 7220

From Owner Management

Transferring your existing rental properties to B&N Properties is simple. Whether you’re switching from self-management or from another property manager, just follow the steps below or contact us and we’ll walk you through it.

Leave the rest of it to us. We’ll take care of everything, leaving you to relax and enjoy your investment.

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